Please check the following steps to be ready for the roads:

1. To start a ride with an e-moped, filter your view to show e-mopeds or check the symbols showing e-mopeds. When finding an e-moped, be sure to be right next to it, check that it doesn't have any damages and then scan the QR code on the e-moped. When the app has found your e-moped press "start ride" in app. 

2. When you have started the rental in the app and when the display turns on, press the middle button under the handlebar to open the trunk where the helmet is. On the button there is a symbol of a trunk opening up. Take out the helmet and close the trunk. Some trunks are a little bit difficult to close; make sure to use some pressure in the back part to close it.

3/4. When you have your helmet on, fitted and fastened it correctly, fold in the kickstand and take a seat on the e-moped. Before riding check that the mirrors are correctly adjusted, and you are ready to go! 

5. Squeeze one of the brakes and push the "GO" button on the display simultaneously to start the engine. This is only necessary when first starting the ride.

6. Have fun!