1. Stay inside the TIER area

2/3. Park your TIER

4. Kickstand

5. Helmet

6. Handlebar

7. Ride in app

8. Last check

1. Before ending your ride, please make sure that you are inside our business area. Rentals ended outside of the business area will be charged with an extra fee.

2. You cannot end your ride in a "no parking" zone (marked red in the app). Please move your e-moped a little bit to get outside of the restricted zone where you can end your ride.

3. You can either park in a regular parking spot or at the side of the side walk in case you can asure to not obstruct any pedestrian.

4. When you have found your parking spot, fold down the kickstand to park the e-moped safely.

5. Please put the helmet back under the seat and make sure that the trunk is closed.

6. Please turn the handlebar to the left to allow the steering lock to work.

7. When the e-moped is correctly parked, you can end your ride in the app by pressing "end ride". 

8. Before you leave, please check that the e-moped is turned off.