If your payment has failed, you will not be able to start another ride with TIER until the payment has been processed successfully. 

Why did my payment fail?

Your payment may have failed for a number of reasons. Some examples include but are not restricted to:

  • Your payment method may have insufficient funds (most common reason)

  • Your debit or credit card may have expired

  • You may have a spending limit on your bank account or credit card

  • Your payment method may have a limit on the number of transactions you can carry out each day 

  • If you are using PayPal, you may also have a spending limit associated with your account

  • Your bank may consider this payment as unusual, particularly if you are using TIER outside of your home country

  • Make sure that "Pre-authorization" is allowed for TIER with your payment provider

How can I pay the outstanding amount?

Please first make sure your default method has enough funds, or add a new payment method in the app. You can also contact your bank or payment provider to help you resolve the issue. Once you have checked all the beforementioned options, you can retry the payment in the TIER app. 

When the payment has been charged successfully your TIER account will be unblocked and you can continue surfing the streets with your preferred TIER ride.