*Priced for Safety only applies to users in London

Understanding TIER’s Priced for Safety in London is easy.

Knowing how TIER calculates the base price of rides can help you understand the cost of your ride. TIER includes three parts when calculating the cost of a ride:

  • Unlock fee (fixed activation fee per ride)

  • Running fee (typically around £0.20 per minute)

  • Any discounts on the ride

Next, let’s understand Priced for Safety. 

TIER Riders in London will benefit from Priced for Safety when being charged for rides. We appreciate that we often want to get to where we need to be as quickly as possible, but we at TIER prioritise your safety above everything else. That is why, as part of Priced for Safety, we will only charge you for the time in which you are moving during your ride - so that you can get to your destination without the fear of racking up your running minute cost.

How does Priced for Safety work?

After starting the ride in the app, we will not charge you for up to 1 minute while you are not moving. This means that once you’ve started your ride in the app - you can take a moment to look out for other vehicles and start your ride safely. 

We’ll also not charge you during the ride when you come to a stop; when you are stopped at traffic lights for example.

When you are not moving during this interval of 1 minute - the time will not be counted towards your running fee. Once a stop surpasses 1 minute, the surplus will be added to your running time.