Where can I ride the e-moped?
You should always ride within our business area. Outside of the business area is marked dark grey. Check the business area before starting your ride. 
How shall I navigate during my ride? Can I use my phone?
Check your planned route before starting your rental or use the pause function to check your route during the ride. You are never allowed to use your phone ...
What shall I do in case of accident?
Safety first: In case of an accident, please contact the police (call 110) and - if needed - call an ambulance (call 112). When your personal safety have be...
How do I end my ride?
1. Stay inside the TIER area 2/3. Park your TIER 4. Kickstand 5. Helmet 6. Handlebar 7. Ride in app 8. Last check 1. Before endi...
How much does an e-moped ride cost?
Pricing is individual from city to city. When you select an e-moped in the app, the unlock fee and price per minute are shown in the lower part.
Safety and requirements
Insurance: Am I insured?   Yes, our e-mopeds are insured and have a third-party insurance with the largest German road insurance company HUK-Coburg. For da...
The trunk does not open
Please call our customer support on +493056838651
What to do if you see the orange warning sign on the dashboard
Please attempt to re-start the moped, please note that you must not activate the throttle or reverse button when starting the moped, and please keep the sta...